Hemp Oil for Dogs - What Is Hemp Nectar for Dogs?

Hemp Oil for Dogs - What Is Hemp Nectar for Dogs? - HempPet.com.au

Hemp Pet's Hemp Nectar For Dogs

Bringing the best of nature's superfood to your pet's bowl for a healthier and happier life.

Hemp Pet's Hemp Nectar is one of the best ways to add some natural goodness to your dog's diet to help keep them happy and healthy.

Why is Hemp Nectar is so good for your dog?

  • It contains fiber which can act as a prebiotic for the guts microbiome and is a good option for gut irritations.
  • It's also has a perfect ratio of Omega 3 & 6 to help keep your dog's skin healthy
  • It can help maintain strong bones and joints.


How Is Hemp Nectar Made?

Hemp Pet's Hemp Nectar comes from cold-pressing hemp seeds, similar to how olives are cold-pressed to make olive oil. Refined for higher chlorophyll concentrations, Hemp Nectar is unfiltered, meaning more of the whole seed ends up in the bottle, so it's packed with nutritional benefits.

Hemp Nectar also has gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), various phospholipids and antioxidants, and 20 amino acids.


What Are The Benefits of Hemp Nectar For Dogs?

💚 Promotes healing

💚 Boosts immunity

💚 Detoxes the liver and the digestive system

💚 Promotes digestive health

💚 Promotes cardiovascular health


How Much Hemp Nectar Can Dogs Have?

The amount needed will vary depending on how much your dog weighs.

As a guide, we suggest the following based on your pet's weight:


Shake the bottle well and add to your pet's meal.

The oils should be introduced into your pet's diet in smaller doses and slowly increased to the recommended daily maximum amount for best results and your pet's wellbeing.



How To Give Hemp Nectar To Dogs?

You can add Hemp Nectar to your dog's food or give it to them directly. You can also give Hemp Nectar and other hemp products, such as Hemp Pet's Hemp + Organic Beef Treats.


Where To Buy Hemp Nectar For Dogs In Australia?

Buy online here!


Hemp Nectar Ingredients

Raw Hemp Nectar, Hemp Seed Oil.


Hemp Nectar Reviews

What can I say? Love this product.

Our boy Joker is a Xolo (hairless) and we struggled to find a product that would not only prevent dry skin but also keep it hydrated and not cause any breakouts. We not only add this to his food but also put directly on his skin and we do it a lot less than any other product.

Kysadaine on Sep 17, 2021



Give your dog a daily dose of nature's superfood for a healthier and happier life.



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