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The Hempolistic pet approach - HempPet

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Arthur and Sandra Wajs, in collaboration with Nicole Sylvia developed HempPet, primarily to help a much loved family member who was suffering from skin cancer. This served as their inspiration and motivation to create a superior, natural alternative to traditional dietary supplements for pets.

The year was 2016 and Arthur and Sandra’s much loved six year old American Staffordshire terrier, Bella had been diagnosed with skin cancer, causing tumours to form on her skin. Bella’s prognosis wasn’t good, tragically she was expected to live a mere 2-3 months. This deadly disease generally didn’t respond to traditional cancer treatments, and they were advised that most animals with this condition had to be euthanised.

Hemp PEt Bella

Whilst they were struggling to come to terms with Bella’s failing health, a very close family friend was battling breast cancer and sadly was in the final stages of the disease. At the time Medicinal Cannabis was set to be legalised in Australia, and their friend had been using Cannabis Oil and found that it had helped her greatly. She gave them a bottle of the precious oil suggesting they try it on Bella.

After seeking advice from a friend who happened to be a very well respected veterinary surgeon it was agreed that Bella had nothing to lose, so they began treating her with the oil.

Bella’s skin condition was worsening daily when they commenced treating her. They mixed the oil with coconut oil inserted into gelatine capsules which they gave Bella orally. They also applied the oil directly onto her skin.

Understanding the importance a good diet would play in her treatment Arthur and Sandra ensured that Bella’s diet was fully organic and rich in nutrients and natural supplements.

Within a few short weeks from commencing the treatment the tumours stopped growing. Two to three months later the existing tumours that previously kept bleeding and would not heal, dried out and began falling off.

It was miraculous! Bella’s diagnosis was still terminal, but day by day she was beginning to get better, amazing everyone including her vet.

In October 2016, Medicinal Cannabis was legalised in Australia for humans to access, but there was no avenue for vets to prescribe the medicine to animals.

In April 2017 Arthur and Sandra’s supply of the oil they had been using so successfully for Bella was no longer available to them, and after 12 months they were forced to stop the treatment. The cancer came back, the tumours reappeared and on 23rd of November 2017 Bella lost her battle with the disease. In the same month Hemp became legal for human consumption and hempseed products became available to purchase.

Hemp Oil has finally been recognised as a true superfood with a vast array of nutrients considered to be important for good health. Hemp is quickly growing in popularity as a supplement for humans, but our companion animals need it too! .

After experiencing the amazing health benefits of Hemp first hand, Arthur, Sandra and Arthur’s sister Nicole in conjunction with Australian scientists, hemp industry experts, naturopaths and vets developed HempPet. The first Australian made Hemp pet range to be introduced to the market.