Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil – What do Pet Owners need to know?

Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil – What do Pet Owners need to know? - HempPet.com.au

Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil: What do pet owners need to know?

The hemp plant – a variety of Cannabis sativa – is a relatively new ingredient in food, treats, oils, nectars and veterinary remedies for dogs and cats. One is a prescription-remedy from your vet while the other is a dietary supplement. Let’s break it down…

Hemp Oil or CBD Oil

This is the good stuff! CBD Oil is only available from your vet, who must prescribe it as a Schedule 4 Prescription Animal Remedy.

CBD Oil is cold-pressed from the whole hemp plant, the flower buds and leaves, and contains the active component cannabidiol.

This part is very important. The hemp plant contains very low levels of the psychoactive component THC or tetrahydrocannabinol – which is what humans use as a drug and is actually highly toxic to dogs and cats. Other strains of Cannabis sativa have higher concentrations of THC, but these plants are not used in the manufacture of CBD Oil for dogs and cats.

Hemp Oil is a potent remedy, which is why it’s only available via prescription from your vet. It’s also the only way to ensure you are sourcing the highest quality CBD Oil for your pet.

 When to request Hemp Oil for Pets

There is a variety of mild to serious conditions that your dog or cat may suffer that might be helped by Hemp Oil.

Arthritis in dogs and cats is one of the most common conditions that motivates pet guardians to ask about Hemp Oil. There is mounting evidence that Hemp Oil can improve mobility and reduce pain and inflammation in pets with arthritis.

Anxiety disorders and behavioural issues in dogs and cats is another popular set of conditions that can be helped with Hemp Oil. Dogs with separation anxiety, dogs with aggression issues or even severe fear reactions to loud noises such as fireworks and thunder – these are all good reasons to ask your vet about Hemp Oil.

Heart disease can mean a variety of cardiac conditions, that can be alleviated or improved with CBD Oil.

Inflammation in dogs and cats can result from a variety of conditions, from digestive disorders to allergies.

Seizure disorders such as epilepsy can be alleviated.

Skin irritations – from hot spots to flea allergies, from mange to hardened skin and hair loss – can be devastating for dogs. CBD Oil taken sublingually (under the tongue or gums) and topically can alleviate these frustrating conditions under the care of your vet.

Hemp Seed Oil for Pets

Dietary goodness for pets and people! Hemp seeds are the ripened fruits of the hemp plant. Whether eaten whole or cold-pressed into a juice, these tiny bundles of goodness offer many health benefits as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

When to Feed Hemp Seed Oil to your pets

If you want glossy coat and healthy skin, improved mobility, a calm demeanour, and general overall health, why not add some Hemp Seed Oil to your pet’s diet.

You can also try a range of foods and treats which are including hemp seeds in their ingredients. As with other plant seeds in the foods we eat – including hemp seeds but also flax seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds – are all excellent sources of protein and a range of good fats, vitamins and minerals.


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