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Itchy Scratchy no longer

My Chinese Crested itched and scratched all day long, drove us and herself crazy, tried all sorts of things then someone recommended your product, she stopped the all day scratching after the first meal, it was amazing, and after a week on this she is not scratching at all. Must be such a relief for her and now I am hoping that whatever little hair she had will grow back as it all fell out. Thank you for an amazing product from both of us!

Liz Hardy

Verified customer


The product changed my dogs day! I administered the hemp oil directly onto flair up patches around her paws and legs and it cleared up in 3 days! So happy with the product and highly recommend. The treats are also an added bonus... 10/10

Karen Tancred

Verified customer

Great product

This product is amazing i have a 4 yr old staffie and he suffers from major skin issues and since being on this for 2 weeks his not itching and doesn't stink anymore I also have a 21 week old Aussie Sheppard and her coat is amazing and soft.

Great work please do not stop making this product please.


Verified customer

Brilliant product!

I use it for joint support and allergy control.

Since swapping from the nectar my boy has not had an allergy attack at all and his hips have maintained movement plus the added bonus of being pain free naturally.

Jen K

Happy customer

Awesome Product.

I have been using the HempPet oil for my dogs once a day and have found the tear staining on my Maltese x has cleared up really well and her eyes are very easy to clean.

Rose Koppes

Happy customer

My review

We have been very happy with the results of this product since giving it to our dog Lulu a french bulldog. We have been giving her appoquil most of her life but with your product we are able to give her less doses as they last longer.

Michael Van Duin

Happy customer