Hemp not only for cats, dogs and horses!


Hemp Super Food Hemppet

We believe that any animal can benefit from Hemp-based products such as: cows, sheep, horses, pigs Etc.

We also believe that hemp should be reintroduced back into the food chain to promote one healthy continuous cycle. By this we mean that right from the very beginning we need to be mindful of what we feed our cattle, and how that feed is grown.

In short:

If a cow or pig eat organic and healthy then we humans will consume healthier meat, milk Etc. Consuming healthy produce full of cannabinoids helps us humans to support our own endocannabinoid system and the benefits are many. 

We believe our farmers should be able to feed their animals with this amazing plant as it is far more sustainable, is fast growing and does not require huge amounts of water or need the usual pesticides that other crops require, thus easy to produce and sustain organically.